Any Attorneys here? Ken Kratz: "Injustice" can go both ways.

Any Attorneys here? Ken Kratz: "Injustice" can go both ways.

Postby Puc » Thu Apr 07, 2016 5:51 pm

My wife and I watched "Making A Murderer" all the way thru 3 times, what a compelling and truly sad situation. Our very hearts and souls go out to the Halbach family over the great loss of their precious Teresa, they have our deepest condolences. Our hearts also go out to the Avery family as they seek fairness in our Judicial System. It brought tears to our eyes to see a young Brendan Dassey being taken advantage of (sold out by an Attorney who is now a Judge?) as he was and watched in horror as he and Steven were both tried in a location that, because of misconduct of the DA (poisoning the Jury Pool) could no way offer either of these men a fair trial..
One of things that both my wife and I noticed while watching the 10 hour series was that there was actually only 1 person who admitted to (without coercion) and openly confessed to committing a crime - that would be Ken Kratz. We watched in horror as we later learned that Mr. Kratz, to this day, has never spent one day of incarceration for his admitted/confessed to criminal activity. It appears that he was able to avoid actually spending time for his criminal activities by telling the "system" establishment that he was sorry, surrendering his Law License for 4 months and leaving his position as DA. This may seem appropriate and sufficient to those that are part of the establishment and derive their income from it but this action seems wrong to some of us out here in the real world. We all know someone who has been labeled a "Felon" for the rest of their lives, spent time and are permanently required to register on the National Sex Offenders list for having done far far less of a crime than Ken Kratz did.. It deeply concerns us to think that there actually are criminals like Mr. Kratz who are waiting for our wives and daughters to come to them for help only to be treated in such a horrible fashion.
We wondered if anyone knows how society is suppose to protect itself from this extremely powerful and abusive type of deviant if the "family" they are part of refuses to serve Justice and lock them up? What is the current "legal" way to see people like DA Kratz locked up so this Injustice to society can be corrected?
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