Rally for Injustice Anywhere!

Rally for Injustice Anywhere!

Postby Bruce Fischer » Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:11 pm

Injustice Anywhere was created to help bring more knowledge and attention to wrongful convictions and to work to bring much needed reform. Injustice Anywhere is an all-volunteer organization. As we move forward with our efforts, we will rely on contributions in order to help cover operational costs.

These costs include: maintaining our websites, obtaining legal documents, legal counsel, insurance, updated media contact data, and promotional materials needed to bring attention to our featured cases.

We have made good progress thanks to the generous donations we have received to date, but we have a long way to go. Our supporters have made have new developments possible, which include: our new Injustice Anywhere website, our Wrongful Conviction News website, Google and Facebook advertising to help bring attention to our featured cases, and new equipment needed to start our new online radio station. In addition, we are now registered as an LLC, bringing needed legal protection to our organization.

All contributors will receive an Injustice Anywhere wristband and monthly contributors (of $10 per month or more) will also receive an Injustice Anywhere t-shirt. Please consider contributing on a monthly basis to help with our operational costs.


If you would like to contribute, please click on this link and follow the instructions: https://rally.org/injustice-anywhere

You will see an option to “Select an Amount,” choose “Once” to make a one time payment, choose “Every month” to make a monthly contribution.

After you complete the process on Rally.org, please send us an email at: injusticeanywhere@yahoo.com.

Please include this information in order to receive your wristband (for all contributors) and t-shirt (for monthly contributors).

Full Name
Contribution amount

If you have contributed a minimum of $10 and have clicked on the option to contribute monthly please include Shirt size:

Extra Large
XX Large

All shirts are navy blue with white lettering.

Please only consider making a monetary contribution if you are able to do so. Much of our progress to date has absolutely nothing to do with money. Dedicated individuals that invest their valuable time to advocate for Injustice Anywhere are truly the backbone of our organization. The time and effort put forth by our members is invaluable. Injustice Anywhere greatly appreciates those efforts.
"This could happen to any one of you. If you don't believe it could happen, you are either misinformed or in a state of deep denial" -- Debra Milke
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