Refreshing the case or Capital Hill Punishment

Refreshing the case or Capital Hill Punishment

Postby ScifiTom » Wed Jul 05, 2017 12:35 pm

To everyone

Hey everyone, I know that I had been watching the documentary of Amanda Knox over 4 times and playing the Agatha Christine X-box one game called: ABC Murders. It has been 9 month after the documentary and what do you want right now? What best fit for you and as knowing the case is over and what should we do. But in any term. I am going to tell you my answer even yes 4 month is coming and 119 days left until November 1st 2017. What should we do next and what should the Italy court should do next? Or what will they do next? Should Amanda be punish again or do you think something else will happen in the Italy court and beside I feel bad for Meredith Kercher family? But we must figure out a way to help one to another or it will never work!!!

So here is my answer in the color red and enjoy reading it and talk to you soon everyone!!!

In my own words. I only believe Amanda was innocent not Raffaele even I couldn't believe him. But it was hard for me, even I knew only Amanda and only her.
I didn't know much about Raffaele until after reading his novel. I enjoy it more even I knew he was comforting her by kisses and yes my cousin does that with her boyfriend all the time and I do see people even yes it is a sign of being bother or it just plan nonsense of a Prosecutor is sick and it bother him, and so what? Right? Come on they kiss, You can't blame them to committed the crime. It made no sense and by judging it. There gotten to be other way. So let look what we are missing right now!!!


Are they still suspect in the court? Yes for me, because I couldn't think if they are guilty even one of them said: They already knew the crime scene and they call the police.
So isn't that odd of phone prank into phone squad even taking notes is important, and we must put the clues together into a story of writing a novel, or reading a novel!!!


Meredith Kercher boyfriend is he really the big picture of crime scene even could he be behind it. Is it true Giacomo Silenzi did this crime? I don't know? But isn;t it odd in a way would you agree of let say hey Meredith cheating on him, remember Amanda blame herself that she cheated on her boyfriend. The same way Meredith did the same and it could cause guilt to the crime scene!!!

But finally 2 unknown men. We even don't know them or who are they? Here is 2 men we don't know!!!


Are these the 2 men who could be behind the crime scene even isn't that odd. I blame 2 men who killed Meredith Kercher or only Rudy Guede himself!!!

Why Rudy and only Rudy? Well let say this: Rudy had sex the same time Amanda & Raffaele had sex and if Amanda went to see Raffaele then Rudy did in fact said: He went to see Meredith Kercher to fall in love even he amitted to get sick and took a bull of crap in the potty and left it their even so Amanda came after Rudy left. But Rudy said: He heard Meredith SCREAM! So listing to loud music is hard to heard of someone to SCREAM. I am deaf in real life and I can't hear a loud women to SCREAM.

Should Amanda be blame? 1/2 Yes & No! Why ? I will explain: I do agree with Judge Mann decision and the reason I agree with the 2nd Judge, not the first Judge? I only believe proof of innocent even odd in a way that when someone cross over blood or see something disguse or disgusted of crime scene and it bother them into sicken of health you can't run away even that what Rudy did and you got to call the police even Amanda cross over. I agree for her innocent! But I would like Amanda to face Capitol Hill Punishment inside of where James Comey went!!!


This is what best fit for me even yes she innocent of the crime. But I think she guilty through punishment into Capitol Hills! You got to face Capitol Hill punishment. I do agree with that, even I know she innocent even she didn't go back to Italy and if she did it would be like Raffaele? Raffaele went to court room after court room of court cases and he went after and after, even he fought so hard for the case. I really think about it every time even his book was way better then Amanda Novel. I really did enjoy his novel more then her. Why? Because it explain what she did right and what she did wrong and why you got to focus in Italy, even yes Italy is was more different then America even yes I agree with Trump we got to boycott Italy even Rudy Guede attorney is really a piece of work? I wonder why? But this is my judgement I want to see Amanda Knox to face Capitol Hill Punishment and only that part. I also agree that the Kercher family got to refresh this case and ask question to Meredith Kerchcer ex boyfriend, did his head explode through anger and did he killed Meredith Kercher. He look tough. But did he? I don't know! But putting a story novel together is the best way to solved the crime scene and it were I lead my ending of 2 unknown men killed Meredith even Rudy amitted he got sick to use the potty and ran away, even that not good enough, he should of call the police before hand and that what he never did. Only Raffaele call the police and only him. No one else unless Amanda 2 friends aren't telling us something!!!

So there fore I would like to heard your side to the story of what best fit for you? And talk to you soon everyone!!!

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