Need help!

Need help!

Postby Joanne01 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:41 am


A week ago, I was going to a nearby restaurant with my daughter. It was her push made me opt the bicycle. Unfortunately, we met with an accident and it was not my fault. The car opposite to us was driven by a lady and it was her sudden and thoughtless action which led to the accident.

Nothing happened to me. But, my daughter's left hand got fractured and has a head injury. By God's grace, the injury is not dreadful. But, the lady was not willing to accept her mistake. So, I want to move legally against her. And in my search, I came to know about the child injury lawyer in Brampton.

Have you heard about them before? Can I approach them for a service? Please let me know the details regarding their service at the earliest. Thank you!
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